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We seek to TRGGR the transmission of knowledge for self and community education. Our journalism illuminates the conditions that we as a global Hip Hop g

Dj Mercury "DEEP IN THE TRENCHES" Underground Hip Hop radio show

Dj MERCURY presents "DEEP IN THE TRENCHES" Underground Hip Hop radio show, the DOPEST signed & un-signed Underground hip hop on the planet! Hosted by the legendary Mikey D (formally of LA Posse & the legendary 90s hip hop group, Main Source. Every Sunday night @10 pm EST


History and evolution of the mixtape. Industry education and exposure of the world of hip hop. Global competitions, listener interaction & variety show. A mix of yesterday's classics, forgotten favorites & future legends..MUSIC U NEED 2 HEAR! Twitter: @MizBehav / Submissions: [email protected]

The Crush Sports Talk

Welcome to The Crush Sports Talk, The Dopest Sports show on radio. Make sure to also catch us on Mondays and Tuesdays on SSNATL.com.

DJ Sean Banks Presents The Secret On Rapstation

Classic and Underground Hip-Hop at it's best with veteran DJ and radio host, DJ Sean Banks. Take a journey back in the days and visit some of Underground Hip-Hop's current sound. Maybe you might have heard it before, maybe you haven't. Hear it here on The Secret on Rapstation with DJ Sean Banks on Tuesday nights. Twitter & Instagram @djseanbanks


Hip-Hop Queenz

Hosted by Raven the Blazin Eurasian,"Hip-Hop Queenz" is the ultimate radio platform where women in Hip-Hop are featured. Through exclusive interviews and music, "Hip-Hop Queenz" showcases these talented women and their contributions to the culture.


Bringin' you #FuryTalk, #TrueSkoolHipHop, #MixinUpDaBag, #TymeToShyne and #GrownZone segments.


*Slogan: "We Got What'cha Earz 'R' Lookin' For!"

Pop Fiction

Hosted by Josh and Toreno, Pop Fiction is a Rap Station exclusive segment, catering to the latest news bits and updates in pop culture.

RapStation Top 10 Countdown

The definitive chart overview of the RAP and HipHop music being played on RAPstation Radio.

The Top 10 collected from key songs from the DJs and radio shows on RAPstation.com as well as HIPHOPGODS, SHEmovement, playlists.

Hosted by Kiki

Airs EVERY Wednesday12 noon EST

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