Chuck D presents BEATS and PLACES; The SOUND of History

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aired on 05/24/2015
MC Sha Rock:
What you are about to listen to are parts 1-4 a legendary interview with the very first female MC in the history of the culture we know and love, called Hip-Hop. With a passionate story and in depth conversation, DJ 360 spoke with the first lady of the Funky 4 + 1 More, MC Sha Rock and special guest Van Silk about the Hip-Hop timeline, true facts, and what the "Luminary Icon" is doing now! PART 1


    Chuck D brings the noise with BEATS and PLACES ;The SOUND of HISTORY, basically a show re presenting various clips, interviews and information found on the music industry. Simply shows to listen to and watch in some cases. Each re-broadcast is full of Knowledge Wisdom and Understanding searched and scoured across the world wide web regarding the music and record industry. Technology and the genres of musics talked and dialogued by many of the best. No HYPE just FACT.
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