Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth join forces for new album

Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth have collaborated on a musical effort of grandiose proportions. Appropriately entitled 'The Living Daylights' the LP is a 13-track venture containing the earthy and whimsical sound of Bronze's production and the colorfully complex wizardry of Willie The Kid's literary prose and also includes stand-out features from Roc Marciano, Sean Price, Boldy James and more.

The collaboration is seemingly long over due as both Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth are natives of Grand Rapids, MI (the second largest city in the state). Finally, they match wits on a musical landscape which blends the new age, boom-bap sample driven production from Bronze Nazareth's legendary Wu-Tang Clan infused sound; with the vibrant and refreshingly intricate disposition of Willie

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Exclusive: Sage Francis - The RAPstation Interview: Part 1

Sage Francis Interview: Part 1 By Kyle Eustice

Providence, Rhode Island-based artist Sage Francis is never one to shy away from what he's thinking or feeling, and he'll gladly drag you right along for the ride. The independent hip-hop artist has been navigating a successful career since releasing his 2002 debut, Personal Journals. Armed with a penchant for crafting highly intelligible and spoken word-style lyrics, he's considered one of the best in the field. Although still running his own label, Strange Famous Records, he's been relatively quiet since 2010's L(I)fe, but put out a new mix tape called Sick to Death on December 12, 2013. Most recently, he released a video for the single, "Blue," which takes a deep dive into the psychology of war and being a

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Rilgood releases new video for Ghost In The Machine

VICE's "Brooklyn King of Nigeria" is back with a new visual interpretation for his latest single "Ghost In The Machine." Production for the track was provided by Dot Da Genius's HeadBanga Muzik Group's own Woodrow Skillson.

The ghostly production finds Rilgood sharing a tale of a wise-man who's seen it all, and been through it all. You can find this track on Rilgood's latest 'Kingdom' mixtape that dropped last winter via Livemixtapes.

Please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUHg1cfehLs&hd=1 to check out Rilgood's "Ghost In The Machine" video.

(The video was directed by Sean Phazes whose previous work includes Drake and King Krule)

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Step Brothers RAPstation Album Review

Step Brothers Lord Steppington Review By JaCasta Barber-Holmes

Step Brothers' debut album Lord Steppington is a classically crafted hip-hop album by producer Alchemist and Dilated People's emcee Evidence. It was rumored to originally have come out early 2013, and although they made us wait, Step Brothers prove it was well worth it for the combination of their skills. Aside from for the third track "Byron G," which was solely produced by Evidence, Alchemist produced the whole album.

The first track, "More Wins," starts the album off with a heavy drum kick and deep bass line countered by smooth lyrics that set it up. Their two styles are evident in this album as Evidence rhymes; "This is motion upping' poetry/ bullet in the chamber/ wait till they get a load of me." Alche

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Exclusive: Zapp Band - The RAPstation Interview - Part 1

Zapp Band Part 1 By Kyle Eustice

In 1977, four brothers from Hamilton, Ohio emerged with a fresh funk sound that eventually inspired an entire sub-genre of hip-hop in the '90s. Called Zapp and Roger, brothers Roger, Larry, Terry "Zapp" and Lester Troutman exploded on to the local scene armed with a talk box (vocodor) and one of the meanest stage shows anyone had ever seen. Funk music had already begun to infiltrate American culture thanks to artists like Parliament Funkadelic, James Brown and Kool and the Gang. After playing around the Cincinnati area for many years, they eventually released their debut album, Zapp, in 1980 on Warner Brothers Records. The album yielded the massive hit, "More Bounce to the Ounce" and catapulted them to a whole new level. After Zapp II, III

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MaLLy preps new album and releases single with Slug & Rapper Hooks

If The Last Great, the debut album from MaLLy, was meant to be a chest-thumping, boastful, and triumphant effort that finally broke MaLLy to the masses, The Colors of Black is the direct result of what would have been the end result if The Last Great never came into existence. Throughout the duration of The Colors of Black, MaLLy uses it as a vehicle to present the pressures of race, acceptance, and the politics, or lack thereof, in current day Hip-Hop and himself. It allows MaLLy to utilize his sharp wordplay to paint vivid depictions of what would've came to be of Malik Watkins, or what already is.

Last Word's production provides MaLLy with a dark, ominous, and bleak sound to take MaLLy's dark imagery and expansive wordplay to new heights, like g

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