Josiah The Gift teams up with producer Sassoon for mixtape

Rising New York emcee, Josiah The Gift teams up with producer Sassoon to release a new video, "Legend," to celebrate the debut of their collaborative mixtape entitled The Mandelbrot Set which was just released. The video can be viewed here and please visit to download The Mandelbrot Set mixtape now. The official tracklist for the project, which is entirely produced by Sassoon, can be viewed below. 1.Josiah The Gift - Intro 2.Josiah The Gift - Deadly Melody 3.Josiah The Gift - Started In BK 4.Josiah The Gift - Traffic 5.Josiah The Gift - One Day 6.Josiah The Gift - Serial Killer 7.Josiah The Gift - The Fugitive 8.Josiah The Gift - Life Wounds 9.Josiah The Gift - Then & Now 10.Josiah The Gift - F--- 'em All 11.Josiah The Gift - Legend 12.Josiah The Gift - The Artist 13.Josiah The Gift - Interlude For Her 14.Josiah The Gift - Pretender 15.Josiah The Gift - Coffin